What we are

Siliguri Cine society is a registered association for film lovers. Siliguri Cine Society was established in 1995 /96. It promotes love for cinema, short films, documentaries, feeds its members and film lovers of Siliguri with history of film society movements , thus cultivating young and adult minds. The organization allies with national and international organizations for undertaking similar work. Siliguri Cine Society is affiliated to Federation of Film Societies of India. Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI) is the umbrella body of film-screening societies in India. The towering figure behind the organization was Satyajit Ray who along with other film associates from Bengali film industry joined hands to showcase international, Indian and regional cinema efforts before a generation of young audience. Siliguri Cine Society follows their footsteps and endeavours to create a responsive audience.

Programmes organised by us

19 Siliguri International Film Festivals

7 Siliguri International Short and Documentary Film Festivals

6 film appreciation courses in colleges and university

Film festival on 100 years of world cinema

Film festival on women film directors

Film festival on Bangladesh Film directors

Regular film shows for members

Seminars and discussions on films

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